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Thus there is no guarantee given about the completeness and the full validity of the information. There could also be the case that there are evident grammatical errors (also of orthographic nature) and we apologize for them; the information offered in our website could be subjected to updates, changes and corrections in any given moment, without beforehand communication to the user.

Norms related to the use of the website

Access and use of the contents and services included or supplied through the website must be done in accordance with the current laws. "yBBregions" is not responsible of the consequences that could arise after incorrect use of the website. "yBBregions" reserves the right of legally pursuit anyone who would damage directly or indirectly the website and this with particolar regard to the introduction of virus or software that could damage the contents and/or the good functioning of the website, of the equipment or the operating systems of the website.

In particular, as for the "yBBregions EU project" placements, the data provided by registrants will be used throughout all the duration of the project and, where suitable, also beyond, in order to select the beneficiaries of the placements (European Voluntary Service and Transnational Youth Exchanges), within the purposes of the project.

It is the responsibility of the registered users to keep the data-base updated with all relevant information concerning their profiles suitable for further evaluation and selection.

Every aspect concerning the admission to the selections relating to placements above will be handled in digital form, so as to ensure the utmost speed, objectivity and transparency.

The partner-regions are not liable for loss and/or inaccuracy by those entitled to provide their data through the platform above.

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